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Eric then kneels before Russell and thanks him for his mercy and forgives him for killing his family. When all the chancellors are gathered formulating plans about spreading the word of Lilith, Russell interjects. He explains that walking in the day will make them more powerful. He presents a plan to capture and breed fairies and synthesize their blood. Salome refuses it saying fairies are an abomination and the sun is forbidden.

He says he wants just one drop of fairy blood to "shove down her pie-hole. He then throws Salome across the room and asks what is preventing him from killing all of the other chancellors. Russell then walks on top of the table and, in his native central European accent, belittles the vampire religion and professes his desire to walk in the sun. He then quickly leaves the Authority chambers. They 'acquire' Jason Stackhouse and glamour him into taking them to Sookie.

Arriving at Hot Wings, Russell can smell the fairies but can't see them. The crazed vampire threatens to kill Jason if Sookie doesn't come out.

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He is confronted by the faery elder who blasts Steve Newlin. Russell subdues the powerful fae and drains her dry. Now able to see all faeries present Russell moves to attack them. Overconfident and high on Faerie blood, Russell advances on the other Faeries, claiming their Light tickles slightly and only whets his appetite for them. After getting close and boasting his own power he realizes too late that Eric Northman, sensing Sookie's fear has appeared behind him.

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Eric grabs him from behind and stakes him. At first his wounds begin to eject a bright light, due to the Faerie blood, shocking everyone including Russell who responds with a "well However, the faerie light ejecting from him soon fades. He then proceeds to decompose and only says "Oh fuck" in a tone that sounds as if this only irritates him.

He then implodes meeting the True Death and allowing Eric to gain the vengeance he's craved for a thousand years. Due to his extreme age, he has been mentioned as the strongest and most experienced vampire in the world. With his incredible speed he effortlessly chained the almost year old Jorge Alonso de San Diego to a table and ripped part of a man's spine out of his body. He has also displayed the ability to fly. Due to his age he is much stronger than younger vampires such as Godric, Eric and Salome Agrippa.

The only vampires that could potentially outclass him are Macklyn Warlow a vampire who is nearly twice Russell's age and Lilith the progenitor of the vampire race.

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Russell has all conventional vampire weaknesses, however, due his age he is extremely vulnerable to sunlight. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Russell Edgington. Season s. First seen. Last seen. Appeared in. Mentioned in. Biographical Information. Also Known As.


Turning age. Vampire age. Date of birth. Date turned. Date of death. Carpathian Mountains. Family Information. Supernatural Information. All vampire abilities Flight. Has shifted into. Notable Progeny. Notable kills. Cause of death. Killed by. Physical Appearance. Hair color. Eye color. Portrayed by. Denis O'Hare. Contents [ show ]. The old myth. That was around back when I was turned.

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You're pathetic! Russell feeling Talbot's true death While Russell is gone, Eric and Talbot have a sexual encounter, which then leads to Eric staking Talbot.

Russell talking to Talbot's remains Russell infers that Nan is protecting Eric. You have seen how quickly I can kill. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Russell Edgington and I have been a vampire for nearly 3, years. Now the American Vampire League wishes to perpetrate the notion that we are just like you. And I suppose in a few small ways we are. We're narcissists, we care only about getting what we want, no matter what it costs, just like you.

Global warming, perpetual war, toxic waste, child labor, torture, genocide Futile symbols of permanence to quell your quivering, spineless souls. But no, in the end.

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We are nothing like you. We are immortal. Because we drink the true blood, blood that is living, organic and human. And that is the truth the AVL wishes to conceal from you.

Because let's face it, eating people is a tough sell these days. So they put on their friendly faces to pass their beloved VRA but make no mistake, mine is the true face of vampires! Why would we seek equal rights?

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You are not our equals. We will eat you. After we eat your children.