Guide Esther Williamson Ballou: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)

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Berlin: Vossische Buchhandlung. HAW, facsimiles of early printing in HAW, hints on pronunciation, partial list of dictionaries and language texts, phrase books, and grammars. The last 4 ll. Akaka, Jonah Hau'oli. Ua Ola ka '?

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The Hawaiian Language Survives. Honolulu: Mea Pai-palapala a na Mikionari. JBM Punahou — Alexander, William De Witt. Honolulu: Whitney. Honolulu: Press Publishing. Honolulu: Thrum. Rutland, VT: Tuttle. See JBM , for title variations. In the 5th edition, although the glottal stop is said to form "an essential part of the words," it is not written consistently. Long vowels are also said to be important, but are inconsistently marked. Fuller critique in Elbert c:viii—xiv.

Esther Williamson Ballou: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music)

See chapter Exercises for Translation from English into Hawaiian. Cover title: Progressive Exercises in Hawaiian Composition. Essay on the Best Mode of Teaching Hawaiian. Maile Wreath 4 1 — Introductory remarks in Andrews 7— Vigesimal System of Enumeration. Journal of the Polynesian Society 10 4 Hawaiian Geographic Names. Treasury Department: U.

Coast and Geodetic Survey. Appendix no. Washington: Government Printing Office. Glossary of words often forming parts of place names. In this section, however, the glottal stop only sporadically marked; e. Long vowels still treated as accent: "The accent of about five-sixths of the words in the language is on the penult.

The Origin of the Polynesian Race. Hawaiian Hist. Annual Report — Also in Paradise of the Pacific 23 May —14; 23 June — Concludes that the Hawaiians' prehistoric origins lie in northern India. Alexander on Hawaiian Pronunciation. The Friend, May, pp. Harriet Castle Coleman, complaining of the deterioration of Hawaiian pronunciation, particularly the intrusion of [v]: "It is like the low class Australian pronunciation of lydy for lady, piper for paper, etc.

Honolulu: Board of Missions. Alexander, William Patterson. Marquesan and Hawaiian Dialects Compared. The Hawaiian Spectator 1 1 —22 Nr. The Alphabet. O'ahu: Mission Press. JBM 1, 2. September of that year. See chapter 7. Ancient Hawaiian Civilization. Honolulu: The Kamehameha Schools.

Anderson, Rufus. Boston: Gould and Lincoln, xxii, 23— pp. Directions for the Pronunciation of the Vocabulary. In Cook , pp. Journal, vol. Great Britain Admiralty Log Books. Captains' logs. Resolution — In Cook , vol. Andrade, Carlos. The Kamehameha Journal of Education 3 2 Andrews, Lorrin. Vocabulary ["of words in the Hawaiian language, not dated, but, judging from the penmanship, written a few years after the lexicon.

Alphabetical according to the HAW. Diacritics used:. Judging from their use with a, a-a, and a-a-a words col. One orthographical distinction made is ai vs. It doesn't capture all the distinctions, but is a beginning. The order of the words is vowels first. The selection of consonants shows that the list was compiled after the resolution of the orthographical problems, for there is no r, t, or v.

Definitely after no r, t, or v. On the first few pages, some marks accents after the vowels seem to indicate glottal stops, such as in the words for 'neck' and 'lava'.

Some penciled-in additions. There are several hundred hoo [ ho'o ] entries.

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Following is a partial count of entries, including alternate forms such as kolu, ekolu: A : ; E: 69; I : ; O: ; U: ; H: These comprise pp. The total number of pages with writing is A Vocabulary of Words in the Hawaiian Language. Lahainaluna: Press of the High School. Remarks on the Hawaiian Dialect of the Polynesian Language. Some philosophical remarks about language, estimate of minimum dialect differences in Hawai'i, justification of the orthography, discussion of HAW poetry and the differences between it and conversational speech, the necessity for loanwords and non-HAW letters in the alphabet, and the role of language in the "improvement" of the people.

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Extracts of this article. Pecularities of the Hawaiian Language. The Hawaiian Spectator 1 4 — The glottal stop not yet recognized as a phoneme. Paradigm of a HAW verb, in its conjugations, moods, tenses, numbers, and persons, folded facing page He mau Haawina no ka Olelo Beritania.

Ka Lua o ka Pai ana. Honolulu: Mea Pai Palapala a na Misionari. Grammar of the Hawaiian Language. Honolulu: Mission Press, iv, pp. Degrees of Relationship in the Language of the Hawaiian Nation. Typescript copy of ms.

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Dated Honolulu, August In Hawaiian Evangelical Association's Proceedings. Boston: Marvin. Honolulu: Whitney, xvi, 17— pp. Facsimile ed. Alexander Introduction in edition contains a short discussion of orthography and lexicography. Notes on the Hawaiian Degrees of Relationship. Washington, D.

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Includes definitions. A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language.

I. Take a tour of the library.

Revised by Henry H. Bernice P. Bishop Mus. As listed in the preface, Parker's additions were incorporating Lorenzo Lyons's revised definitions see LYONS , revising many definitions himself, using word lists from several sources, and supplying diacritical marks to indicate pronunciation although often incorrectly.