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L'innovation NABIDI nanotrackers represent an innovating class of bioimaging nano-agents that combine two distinct and independent properties, fluorescence and magnetism. This combination provides an efficient tool for in vitro as well as ex vivo co L'innovation The early detection of breast cancer is the cornerstone for reducing mortality rates in this cancer that affects one in nine women.

Currently, breast cancer screening campaigns are delivered through mammography and although there is no L'innovation The use of cationic metals in the form of a chelate comprising a metallic cation and one or more ligands in biological imaging such as cellular imaging is well-known. Chelates of trivalent rare-earth elements such as lanthanide cations Chronic lymphocytic leukemia CLL is the leading cause of le L'innovation The massive use of antibiotics is a public health problem generating a phenomenon of antibiotic resistance.

It is one of the main health threats at the world level. The reduction of unnecessary prescription of antibiotics is the most e L'innovation Our innovation is based on ToF cameras and cutting-edge signal processing and treatment to develop the first non irradiating imaging medical device allowing the realization of predictive models of internal structures movement starting f L'innovation The invention refers to novel tocotrienol derivatives that specifically inhibit 5-lipoxygenase 5-LOX activity and leukotrienes synthesis.

Leukotrienes promote inflammation. Novel tocotrienol derivatives strongly inhibit 5-LOX activity L'innovation The invention relates to methods for determining whether a patient will achieve a response after radiation therapy. In particular, the innovation relates to a method for determining whether a patient suffering from a cancer will achieve L'innovation Glaucoma, a multifactorial, progressive, neurodegenerative disorder is characterized by the death of retina ganglion cells, optic nerve atrophy and even loss of neurons in the brain.

Unfortunately, in the most common form of glaucoma th L'innovation A stroke is a failure of the blood circulation that affects a more or less important region of the brain. It occurs as a result of obstruction or rupture of a blood vessel and causes the death of nerve cells, which are deprived of oxyge L'innovation Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases IBD , including Crohn's disease CD and ulcerative colitis UC , represent a real public health issue because their frequencies have been constantly increasing since the s and these diseases aff InnovationThe aim of the technology is to realize a continuous flow emulsion of a mixture based on an natural or synthetic oil and water, with less surfacting agents.

The formation of a disperse flow is based on a microfluidic device with microchanne InnovationPhloroglucinol and resorcinol are important bulk chemical formultiple applications. They are used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, as a smooth muscle relaxant and as an antioxidant for the phloroglucinol. Resorcinol is also used as a Ce verdissement repose s Obtenir de la biomasse de microalgues ; 2. Innovation We report on pulsed electric field conditions allowing biocompatible extraction of water-soluble proteins from a new strain of the green microalga haematococcus pluvialis.

Indeed pulsed electric field conditions are suitable for the elect InnovationSome Haslea ostrearia-like diatoms are known for yielding a blue pigment called marennine.

This technology is based on Market challenges: Many real-time interactive systems feature virtual anthropomorphic characters in order to simulate conversing groups and add plausibility and believability to the simulated environments. They are called embodied conversational ag Market challenges: Sleep staging is a fundamental step in diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. However, it is a time-consuming and tedious task, which has to be performed by medical experts. Market challenges: The recognition of object categories is one of the most challenging problems in the computer vision field, particularly in food image recognition, one of the promising applications.

Cooking and food are connected to many essentia Professionals such as photographers, re This technique has been developed to meet industrial automation needs, with applications in parts assembly, transfer, packaging, etc.

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  3. Saga Parisienne T1 1942-1958 un balcon sur le Luxembourg (LITTERATURE) (French Edition)?

Among the various techniques, the sin The increased resistance of various pathogenic bacteria against usual antibiotics and biocides, the lack of new molecules and We can help you to do it. Search engines can leverage user information to compensate, however, this is not always possible eg due to GDPR constrai A new family of EPAC-1 inhibitors with cardioprotective effec New plant protection strategies are based on a It enables one to measure the curvature and defects of any surface which exhibits a minimum level of reflectivi This external light source limits the use of classic PDT to treatment of superficial tumors dermatology applications or during open surgery when removing the tumor The objective of our new approach is to improv Biomarqueur en oncologie : cancer du sein et cancer colorectal.

La recherche de biomarqueurs Solar device for Water Treatment. ISOTE is an advanced oxidation process, entirely powered by solar energy, which aims to produce drinking water from waste water.

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The object The project aims to develop and test in the field a demonstrator incorporating a magnetic sensor ultrasensitive allowing a unique magnetic detection Teslas at ambient temperature. Extraction of guayule latex in aqueous phase for the production of natural rubber ContextHevea is the main, if not almost exclusive, source of natural rubber. Nanocomposite materials for the controlled delivery of NO ContextNitric oxide NO is a gaseous molecule with many biological functions.

  • Operative Techniques in Pediatric Neurosurgery;
  • Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions: Financial Economics from a Dynamic Perspective.
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  • STEEL TIGER: An Historical Novel of War and Politics (Wings of War Book 2)?
  • The delivery of a controlled, quantifiable and biologically significant quantity is of interest for many in vitr Polymers able to sorbe selectively targeted cationic elements and easily separable from the liquid effluent ContextSome metal ions are present in the water and in proportions harmful to the intended use drinking water, process water, washing water, Among these technologies in education, there is a growing interest in augmented reality which, in its own way, changes and improves teaching methods CONTEXT Most of chemotherapy drugs have serious toxicity side effects since they are not specifically targeting tumor cells but also normal cells.

    These drugs are however still widely used since they have good efficacy for cancer treatment. The vect Tetrazines are used in various domains chemistry, biology, explosives, material sciences, natural products syn These superconducting devices allow to obtain very high powers and mass and volume torques.

    Utilisation des poissons pour évaluer les effets … – Revue des sciences de l'eau – Érudit

    In addition, the high efficiency of thes CONTEXT In traditional electronic comparators, the reference code is extracted from the memory to be injected into a logic circuit and compared to the user input. There is a security flaw here since a malicious user has the possibility to read the r Challenging increasingly severe environmental regulations in several markets tourism, energy, farming, mining at reasonable costs have led the research laboratory IMEP LAHT on radio-frequency to develop an intrusive sensor capable to profile the so Cette mesure est un outil Despite this, the purification of these proteins is still awaiting improvements because this step represents a very expensive cost of production for a lo CONTEXT Polyazamacrocycles and their derivatives are nitrogenous macrocycles known for their sequestering properties against transition metals and heavy metals.

    Among these macrocyclic systems, the derivatives of the tridentate ligand 1,4,7-triazacy For each element, a hollow cathode lamp emits several specific lines to the chosen element, and one or more of e CONTEXT The detection of mycobacteria in biological samples currently has several drawbacks, including delayed results for culture methods, expensive equipment and qualified personnel for PCR techniques.

    Our solution These vesicles are in fact oil-based nanoparticles of organogel creating a colloidal dispersion. Pathologies can modify tissues stiffness such as tumors, fibrosis and cirrhotic liver. A new compression device has been developed to study soft biological tissues. A new family of Its usage is also not recommended for long time storage, as thermal losses become significant. An alternative is to use phase changing materials, which The procedure is time-consuming, requires the manipulation of a needle and implies ligatures.

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    The increasing tendency is to replace manual sutures with stapling or suturing The problem of tools is relevant for marking of magnetic artifacts, A probiotics screening test has been designed to efficiently identify and select Lactobacilli probiotic bacteria having a protective activity against the deleterious effect of malnutrition on juvenile growth.

    Using this screen, a set of robustly func This process is based on the use of a polymer made from bio-sourced molecules, able to reversibly adsorb organic molecules of any polarity, including highly polar molecules such as glyphosate. It can be used to trap all organic molecules within an aq Cet abri modu CONTEXT In a context where societal expectations on the use of eco-compatible phytopharmaceuticals are becoming ever stronger, plant defence stimulators PDS are attracting a great deal of interest from players in the field.

    Many efforts are theref Despite this high added value, their production process and end-of-life remain problematic because they d The present innovation is a modeling software which enable to visualize the temporal dynamics of genetic interactions and select top targets to optimize the development of new treatments. The present innovation is a diagnostic tool based on the quantification of the HDL role in the lipolysis to assess cardiovascular disease risk Access the announcement. Market challenges: Spatial orientation disorders constitute a major problem in aged subjects. Being able to dissociate the different cognitive strategies used for spatial navigation might help in the early detection of age-related brain dysfunctions The material proposed here is a catalyst for the anode of the PEM electrolysis Access the announcement.

    The present technology is an easy and controlled synthesis of noble metals nanoparticles perfectly stable in water Access the announcement. New FQ derivatives with a new mechanism of action and active against multi resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

    The aim of the project is to develop an intelligent ingestible capsule suitable for CRC diagnosis. Intelligent WCE-based screening has the potential to replace the major bulk of conventional endoscopy in the early detection of CRC. This innovation is This novel medical device allows to determine a spasticity score of an ankle articulation in an objective manner.

    The device is composed of two parts: a first part for receiving the foot - ankle articulation made in foam with inserted sensors and a The developed innovation allows to answer the above-mentioned limits. It is based on a set of cells filled with an elastic polymer, the measurable deformation of which is proportional to the applied strength. To measure the deformation of this materi Researchers have produced thin films having bichromatic properties that can be deposited on any transparent or translucent substrate glass, ceramic, polymer, etc.

    Thus, when a light The objective of these new processes is to realize plasmonic or photonic nanostructures in which nanoemitters are deterministically, and nondestructively placed exactly at the position for which the resonant electromagnetic field is maximum, and th In this project, a joint team of physicists and biologists have studied spider silk and considered an in-depth, quantitative investigation of natural and synthetic models of the in-droplet micron-scale windlass phenomenon.

    The team has unraveled the The invention is based on the combination of two different actuators: one intended to supply the main couple with permanent regime and the second only supplying transitory An efficient control of the vehicle can be obtai The present invention is based on an optimized liposomal formulation to improve targeting and maturation of dendritic cells enabling and consequently the efficacy of mRNA vaccines Access the announcement.

    The present innovation relies on particles that restore the immune tolerance towards specific antigens to treat allergy. The present innovation relies on particles that restore the immune tolerance towards specific antigens to treat immune dysfunction Access the announcement.

    Main technical specifications: The evaporator is composed of a distributor connected to a porous stru Cell therapies belong to emerging strateg Health expenditure amounts to more than billion euros, inc Although the anticancer properties of thiazolidinediones have been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo phase The evaluation is mostly subjective and is carried out in a discontinuous manner, which can give insufficiently correct states of sedation.

    The patient may be put i However, the known tests do not produce calibrated and reproducible electric arcs, which are essential conditions for evaluating the saf It relies on rating several functional system scores FSS derived from neurological examination.

    Context: The emergence of multi-drug resistance in bacteria seems to be one of the most issue in human health. In this context, S aureus and Gramnegative infections are the worst case, because of these abilities to bypass immune system and to resist Chronic lymphocytic leukemia CLL is the leading cause of leukemia in Western countries. To date, no treatment including the novel therapiestargeting the B cell receptor BCR pathway e. The molecular mechanisms responsible for airway smooth muscle cells aSMC contraction and proliferation in airway hyperresponsiveness AHR associated with asthma are still largely unknown.

    IL is as a cytokine promoting osteosarcoma progression by increasing the tissue vasculature, by stimulating the recruitment of macrophages and their differentiation toward M2 phenotype. Consequently, IL appears as a pro-metastatic regulator in Most Escherichia coli express the FimH adhesin, a mannose binding lectin produced at the tips of rod-shaped organelles called type-1 pili. FimH binds to high-mannose glycan structures at cell surfaces, allowing uropathogenic, fecal, and entero-hemorr Context: Metastatic Melanoma is one of the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Presently, on going t However, in recent years, more and more researchers have focused their efforts on developing non-contact measuremen PZT is a traditionally preferred piezoelectric material due to its higher electromechanical coupling coefficient than other conventional piezoelectric materials.

    In order to reach low frequencies, it is crucial to increase the PZTflexibility. PZT is a traditionally preferred piezoelectric material due to its higher electromechanical coupling coefficients than other conventional piezoelectric materials. Mecanochromic luminescent materials are smart materials which change their emission colors when a mechanical force such as grinding is applied, while they can recover their initial emission by fuming or heating processes.

    A class of mecanochromic lu In this context, S aureus and Gram negativ To date, no treatment including the novel therapies targeting the B cell The porous The main advantages are the heating of the core volume, the increase in chemical reaction rate and selectivity. However, this t La structure originale de ces mousses The mechanisms of release of these molecules are strongly linked to the composition of the food, its texture and the p It gave birth to a new composition for bitumen based drawing. Using carefully selected white chalk, this new mixture enable A highly sensitive multiaxis force sensor has been designed for mechanical characterization of materials or coatings, including ball bearings, tool parts or lubricated parts.

    It is currently used for measuring friction coefficient, and could be furth A new solution to recycle rare eath RREs from industrial wastes with a high selectivity has been found out. This process, performed easily and with a low cost, relies on the use of multicomponent assembled architectures, assembling and disassemblin This invention is on a method and a device dedicated to prepare and wash biofilms for analysis.

    This washing technique is not destructive nor aggressive, and preserves biofilms integrity. It enables the in-depth and accurate anaylsis of neoformed na A new device has been designed for home diagnosis and monitoring of bruxism episodes. This medical device is a connected d A new Molecular Biology tool has been developed to screen for interactions between a protein of interest, and the pool of proteins of an ORFeome proteins , through Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation BiFC.

    This technology lies on immort Pollutant d A hydroalcoholic antiseptic solution made from chlorexidine has been developed for skin cleansing and disinfection prior to surgery. The solution is stable and ready-to use, and dedicated to cutaneous application skin, mucosa. The disinfected area This invention is a method for osteoarthritis in vitro diagnosis and follow-up.

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    It relies on a minimally invasive extraction of synovial fluid into the joint. The morphological analysis of a drop of synovial fluid provides a clear and simple diagnosi Coupling ultrasound sensors and a motion capture system, this device can analyse in real time the position and behaviour of bones both deep and superficial in a joint. Initially build for quantitative walking analysis, in cases of knee joint instab New luminescent probes dedicated to cellular biology imaging fluorescence microscopy, FACS… have been designed.

    They are lanthanide-based complexes, highly soluble in water and in biological media. They show specific emission properties compared to The technology concerns new heterogeneous iron-based catalysts for the improved synthesis of thermoplastic polyolefins eg: high density HDPE or linear low density LLDPE polyethylene, isotactic polypropylene isoPP. These base materials are prese This new polymer-based material, made from bio-sourced molecules, is able to reversibly adsorb organic molecules of any polarity, including highly polar molecules such as glyphosate.

    It can be used to trap all organic molecules within an aqueous or g A new kind of probes labelled by redox markers has been designed to be integrated into oligonucleotides of interest DNA, RNA, aptamers. The laboratory has synthesized a new phosphoramidite synthon compatible with the conditions of DNA synthesis. Without the neutron energy measure, you lose part of the information on this incoming particle. Technologies for a better cell protection during storage With advances in science, the need for medium- and long-term storage of biological tissues and in particular stem cells is increasing.

    Storage solutions are introduced to make these tissues av Offer a product, easy plug-in on the grid and able to increase stability on the distribution network.