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Posted by Tim Snyder on Though sad, this behaviour is in no way shocking when one looks carefully at what organized religions teach. Women have long been the scapegoats for organized religion and the story related here is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is far more evil and hate in the teaching within organized religions than there is love and compassion.

Far more blind, self-serving adherence to dogma than self-examination or introspection. Consider the fact that the Jesuits, that is, the Society of Jesus, had a "racial purity" requirement known as the "pure-blood decree" which began in Under this decree, you could only join the Jesuits if you could prove that your lineage did not contain a single drop of Jewish blood over 5 generations.

This requirement was reduced to only 4 generations in and was deeply admired by the Nazis as an example of the validity of their propoganda against Jews.

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And we wonder how millions of Christian Germans could be whipped into a frenzy of genocide to remove the "Jewish threat"? They were all indoctrinated Christians who had been taught since birth that the Jews killed Christ and that they were evil, dirty, and forever damned creatures for it. Imagine no religion, folks. It is truly our only hope.

Polygaphobia is encoded in law in the U. Posted by Pat on This is a perfect example of fundamentalism and what it can do to the human pshche. There is only a fine line between what this guy did and the christian church in general.

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I belive if they could get away with killing so called heathens and non-belivers they would. Travis Posted by Travis on I read the article anyhow and have one question. The last paragraph states:" It is equally despairing to pick between self- rightious absolutism and the abandonment of faith Posted by Harmon Chamberlin on Does this simply suggest bad taste, or imply that he is having sex with his soldiers? There is something vain, theatrical in him.

Custer is also self-centered. His ego is enormous, childishly enormous. This ironic assertion of whiteness points out his prejudices. Reluctant to the abolition of slavery in the first place, he now fights against Indians. He thinks they may jeopardize the American way of life. Custer makes use of fallacious, deceptive arguments to justify the despoliation of minorities. We must have more land than we need. From me. First the slaves wanting to be free and now these red heathens.

Mass Murder in God’s Country

Custer is a long way from the image handed down by white American tradition: that of a flamboyant general. Like Curt, he is no hero at all.

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  • The braggart is so vain and conceited that he thinks he can vie with the most famous Roman general, but he is no half-god. So the reference to Caesar ridicules him. Distrust of the latter prevails, most likely because white men keep them apart. He cannot help seeing tricks when Indians are referred to. Prejudices prevent them from thinking that one can be different. A white man usually has a negative perception of Indians. Bubba gets on well with Indians. They do so to teach him how most whites behave to them, and how cruel they are.

    They are friendly to her though she is white. Such harmony does contrast with the depiction of village life or town life in white America where pettiness and meanness are widespread.

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    Indirect criticism is preferred to direct protest or invective. Understatement prevails over overstatement both for comic and satiric effects. Some elements are borrowed from melodrama. For instance, after years of sin, Loretta the prostitute will take care of Jake and be a substitute mother for her []. This sharp change is a convention of melodrama. Jake, part of a stock situation, is also a stock character reminiscent of the heroine disguised as a handsome young man in the Elizabethan comedy of intrigue. Devices derived from farce and slapstick are many. There are violent quarrels, chases on roofs, but the best instance is certainly Raleigh Dunnick, a real bad man, a short man who unfolds himself into a frightening giant [].

    There also is the Simon Phrensie episode with Curt who starts jumping about to slap away the devil that the clergyman has passed on to him from Jake []. Such comic scenes emphasize fear, cowardice, ignorance and stupidity. Broad verbal humor is also used. Tall talk, a form of comic overstatement characteristic of the American West often recurs to depict a world of braggarts.

    Repetition also has a comic effect with the Yes and Nope pattern [], or Curt endlessly referring to his misfortune. Expected reactions are turned around: when Curt inspects his raided homestead, he bemoans the death of his dog, and then the kidnapping of his wife. First things first: in a well ordered world dogs have precedence over wives. People are often caricatured and seem to act like automata, which results in laughter too. Repartee and witty exchanges are meant to entertain the reader and to deride Curt, the protagonist with a hulking mind, and other characters as well.

    Do you have any sort of identification? Do you have anything that proves that you are who you say you are?

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    Such apparent inconsistency enables the writer to resort to humor and irony. His presence makes itself felt. The style of yellow backs as well as that of authors like Walt Whitman is parodied. The opening pages are a take-off of standard westerns. The bombastic style of such sentences mimicks the frontier dime novels Curt has made a point to read for the sake of assessing realism in literature:.

    I had read what I could of the dime novels about the frontier, thinking it my duty as a citizen of it to make sure the truth be told, and generally the little books gave a fair account, but always failed to mention the smell. Hell, we hardly ever bathed and our stomachs were always grumbling and complaining and we wore our boots without stockings. Out of good sense, we lived far from one another. We came together in bars and churches more or less to assure ourselves that our smells were normal and not an indication of coming death.

    It of course provokes laughter mixed with scorn for the would-be hero and the West he is made to represent. The book, indeed, cultivates doubts about the glorious epic of the West. Curt, resigned to meet his death from, suffocation and thirst in his sandy grave, makes his peace with God by accepting His will. Consequently, the God of Christians protects evil-doers.

    Irony is also the weapon used by Everett when Curt refers to Whitman.

    Old Testament Mass Killings

    Curt judges Whitman by appearances. Bats came out and whispered their wings in the air just above us. Bubba is speaking:. It used to be your land. Maybe I should give it back to you when I get it. They sell Bibles pretending to offer them.

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    Actually, the humorous way Phrensie asks for a donation blames Christianity for taking advantage of the weak and the poor [75]. Irony aimed at a group is also a means of deriding Curt. His ignorance and stupidity are pointed out too when he thinks the young black of 16 should have stayed in Mississippi, and can only blame himself for having been hanged. I was jarred awake from a pretty solid sleep by a big noise. The light of early morning shone beyond the bars of the window. I got up and went to look outside. The boy looked even younger swinging there at the end of that rope. Should have stayed in Mississippi.

    Burp came late that morning and opened the door.