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She defends her new-born son from an attack from Barbary Pirates On her return to Rockfleet she becomes re-united with Richard-in-Iron to protect themselves from the English. Grace is released from prison by the English on the pretext of bringing him to heel. She routs an English army sent to beseige her at Rockfleet.

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Grace and Richard go into rebellion to secure their rights. The English are no match for them and agree to deal. Richard becomes the MacWilliam of Mayo and is inaugurated in the age-old Gaelic custom. He sets out to destroy Grace and her family.

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A religious man received a call from one of their son's friends from china, who informed them that their youngest son had drowned after smashing his head against the side of the boat. The father had already been worry some of his son because he had lived so far away and now hearing this news shattered his entire aspect of God. Definitely a good read. Oct 31, Jack rated it really liked it. The book sons of grace is about 10 men who turn their life around through Christ. I would recommend you read this if you are going through tough times, or if you just like stories about people life.

They either have a bad childhood or are going down the wrong path from listening to friends at school. It is a religious book so if you get offended by that a suggest you dont read it because you might get mad.

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It has changed my life and made me a better Christian because I can do all things through The book sons of grace is about 10 men who turn their life around through Christ. It has changed my life and made me a better Christian because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians That verse kinda some up how the people in the book change through Christ. It is written well and organized with unbelievable obstacles that people have to hurdle over. So if you are looking for a book and are going through a tough time you really need to read this.

The genre of the book is fiction because these are true stories. I personally do like this genre because it is based off stuff that really happened May 23, Carter rated it really liked it. I found it very interesting and ended up liking it even though I thought I would hate it. The stories of these 10 men and their problems is so interesting. They started with nothing, they were into bad stuff.

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But, they got out of it and are now living great lives. It is a motivational book and everyone should read it.

Jan 11, Kalena rated it it was amazing. I recommend this book to people that are have hard and doing bad things in there lives. It has a lot of good stories it's a story i really liked that I didn't think I would've liked at all. I thought it was going to be really boring but it wasn't. It was a easy read that I thought the book was going to have hard big long words but it didn't at all.

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It could change people's lives that are going through what they went through. Jan 20, Josh Miller rated it really liked it. These stories are mind-boggling It is so true that people need the Lord Every person that is honest realizes they need Someone greater than themselves to find fulfillment and these stories show that Jesus Christ is that Someone.


Dec 10, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian , non-fiction. This is an amazing collection of stories from real people who really ran from God. Guest contributor, Michelle, shares her experience with a new book available in print and ebook form, Sons of Grace ….

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I have always been a reader, which has benefited me in so many ways. Fortunately, all the stories ended with the women healing themselves and finding God, which provided hope.

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At the time, I saw the stories as warnings to myself to be careful what I did and with whom I associated, and I took heed of those stories. I recently downloaded a book entitled Sons of Grace by Mark Hughes — and ten other men. This collection of stories reminds me of these books from my teens.

Reading their stories is fascinating, both to see what brought them to their own personal hells and what were the triggers that removed them. What an awesome and powerful way that you can inspire him to be all that he can be. Reading that other men are going through these problems might be the inspiration he needs to get help and get better.